Binh Thuan produce ‘clean dragon fruit’ find new markets

Some farms in Binh Thuan dragon struggling manufacturing process can GlobalGAP for export through the difficult markets.

Currently the output of Binh Thuan dragon fruit precarious due largely dependent on the Chinese market. Meanwhile’d consumed in new markets like Europe is not easy because of the barrier, “residues of plant protection products”. Recognizing this, a number of farms in Binh Thuan dragon fruit producers struggling under the GlobalGAP (Good Agricultural Practice Global) to be exported through the difficult markets.

Farm Vegetables Binh Thuan dragon fruit was built in Ham Minh Commune, Ham Thuan Nam District in 2011 on an area of 20 ha. After 3 years of investing, this is the first year this farm for harvest with yields close to 400 tons. Most of the turnover is exported via the European market and other countries. Dragon fruit farm the difficult markets was due to receive GlobalGAP planting process, ensure export standards.

Mr. Vo Tanh, Head of Planning Exports – Private enterprises Vegetables Binh Thuan said, now consumers have become aware of the importance of food safety issues. Especially international consumers demand more agricultural products are very high quality. Therefore, gardeners have to take the path of production safety to insure goods resources and export fruit Vietnam lasting nature.
Dragon farm produce under the GlobalGAP completely different from the normal dragon fruit farm. The farm must have a large scale, is divided into zones, each lot in order to easily manage and process technical notes. On an area of 20 hectares, the farm of dragon fruits in Binh Thuan GlobalGAP Vegetables 6 from AF area. Each such area divided into 4 batches. Each plot has about 850 offices in order to plant straight rows entrance.
Currently, each day 20 of the farm workers planned garden care available in a scientific setting, ensuring health for the direct production, ensuring food safety and supply of products to the market .
Linh Dinh Tan Engineer, Technical Manager at Farm Vegetables dragon GlobalGAP Binh Thuan said: “Follow the process GlobalGAP also the difficulty. Firstly, the technical requirements. Secondly the process should be arranged in a formal system, including log records daily production work very specific. ”
According to engineer parts, the recording diary care, spraying, fertilizing … to ensure the traceability of the agricultural products have quality problems. Because manufacturing process meticulously every stage from soil preparation, sowing, tending to harvesting and preservation, thus the investment cost of farm produce higher GlobalGAP dragon garden from 30% normal – 40%. In return, dragon fruit exported across Europe have cost around 1 USD / kg, than ordinary dragon.

Having 25 years of experience in growing and exporting dragon, Tran Ngoc Hiep, vice chairman of the Association of Binh Thuan dragon fruit that has to be manufactured at Binh Thuan dragon fruit towards safety – ensuring health community, with so many new forward market acceptance.
Accordingly, since 2007, the Company Giang Son Dragon Fruit has built his farm-scale dragon GlobalGAP than 300 hectares in the town of Ham Thuan Nam and Can, Ham Thuan Nam district. With dragon area GolbalGAP existing standards, this unit has been boldly seek new markets outside China.
“Looking ahead the company will open more export markets across Europe and dragon sub UAE. Since this is the dragon fruit market stability than neighboring markets, “said Tran Ngoc Hiep said.
The province of Binh Thuan is 11 dragon fruit farms producing certified GlobalGAP standards. Recently, export enterprises in Binh Thuan prestige was also connected to the distribution system in horticulture in many European countries.
Show only obstacle to dragon fruit to this market is transported by sea too far, much damage and loss ratio. At this point, with the introduction of better preservation technology, of Binh Thuan dragon fruit will have the opportunity to market and strong sales in Europe and many countries in the world. /.

Binh Thuan produce ‘clean dragon fruit’ find new markets

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